Adding multiple CSS classes to one day in year-view


I am trying to style the year-view according my needs, to achieve that I need a class for every event on that day.

This works (I have an additional field named boxes).

[code]scheduler.templates.event_class = function(start, end, event){
return “EVENT_” + event.boxes;

	return "";

BUT, if there are multiple events on one day, only the class for the latest event is added, cause it overrides the old classes.

eg, two events are on one day, one is “EVENT_1”, and one is “EVENT_2”, the classes in year-view should be:

<div class="dhx_month_head dhx_year_event EVENT_1 EVENT_2" date="2012/07/18">18</div>

…but is is:

<div class="dhx_month_head dhx_year_event EVENT_2" date="2012/07/18">18</div>

cause the second event class overrides the first.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Seems to be a bug. Please try again using attached version.

Kind regards,
Ilya (2.98 KB)

That did it…
Thank you so much!