Adding new column to the grid failed

Hi experts,
I’m new with this lib and tried to play a little bit with the PHP connector.
The sample samples\grid\01_basic.html works as expected (XAMPP on localhost).
Now I tried to add a column:

  1. in 01_basic_connector.php I changed:
    " $grid->render_table(“grid50000”,“item_id”,“item_id,item_nm,item_cd”);"
    to have one test data more for the new column.
  2. in 01_basic.html I changed:
    " mygrid.setHeader(“Column A, Column B, C”);
    but it doesn’t work any more. The grid is empty, headers only. Also -no error window from the database.
    What do I do wrong? :question:

Please beware that while it is correct configuration for data loading, it will have problem during adding new items, because by default id field can’t be used in list of data fields ( there is specific KeyGridConnector which can be used if you need to have an editable id field in the grid )

I have made the same modifications to the local code and it works correctly ( attached ) (1.32 KB)

Dear Stanislav,
thank you so much.
You remark to the data base statement is correct. It is only to have something to load…

I also found out after seeing your changes what was the problem.
The wrong statement was:
This statement is missing in your sample, but it is in mine. …and I have 3 columns…
As I changed it to
it works as expected.