Adding New Section on top of all sections [TIMELINE-TREE]

I want to add the new section on top of all sections in timeline tree view.

scheduler.addSection( {key:0, label:“Another New Section”});

adds a new section on the bottom. But I want it to be there on top of all sections. Is there property/method by which I can accomplish this?

=== OR ===
How can I have a Blank section/row to always be there in the view. Whenever i initialise, load new data, refresh etc.

unfortunately, scheduler.addSection always adds it to the bottom of the list.
Possible solution would be to define tree timeline options using serverList method, and then modify the sections list as a regular array using updateCollection method … rlist.html … ction.html

Thanks for the reply:

Actually I don’t really understand the serverList method. Is it a kind of modal where I can store my data. If yes, Can I also store events data in this serverList. Sorry the documentation is a bit sparse on this method. Can you please give me some pointers or point to the right examples related to serverList.