Adding row

I’m trying to add a new row to my grid.


but I’m getting error

TypeError: c is null

var c = this.getRowById(row_id);var cell = (c._childIndexes ? c.childNodes[c._childIndexes[col]] : c.childNodes[col]);return this.cells4(cell);},

Check if “111” is unique row id. Also, try to use:

.addRow("111","1,x,1,1"); .addRow("111",["1","x","1","1"]);

Didn’t helped… still the same error

It works at local example. Are you using 3rd parameter of addRow() method?

Try to use:


We are reproducing this problem under the following circumstances…

  1. User adds a row to the grid via addRow()…
  2. Grid has verificators set for a couple of columns, ensuring that they are not null
  3. User sees columns highlighted in “red” indicating they are not valid
  4. User chooses another context on our navigation tree
    (this causes grid to be cleared and loadXML is performed with contents of selected context)
  5. User goes back to original context (grid cleared, loadXML performed)

User does not see the added row because it was never committed due to validation error.

Now, user tries to add a row and from this point forward we catch a “TypeError: c is null” exception from the grid.addRow() method.

User can no longer add rows until browser is refreshed.

We also see:

TypeError: ‘_childindexes’ is null or not an object

Can we get a status update for this… this is a major problem for us and the only workaround seems to be to refresh the browser, which isn’t acceptable.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Can you please provide complete demo where we can reproduce it? You can find tutorial how to create complete demo here … leted_demo