Adding rows to grid that uses paging and dymamic loading

Hello, i am using a grid with paging that has dynamic loading enabled. This grid is connected to a data processor with auto updated mode disabled. The problem is that when i add new rows to the grid and then change page the new rows are lost. The expected behavior was for grid to load the next page rows from server but also keep the newly added rows that are not saved yet. I need your help in solving this problem. Thanks for your attention.

P.S. The new rows added will be saved to the database when the user clicks on the save button that performs validation prior to sending the data.

Unfortunately in case of the dynamic loading the changed data should be updated before the page is changed.
Please, try to call the sendData(); from the onBeforePageChanged event:

grid.attachEvent(“onBeforePageChanged”, function(ind,count){
return true;