Adding second event removes the first one (collision)


I don’t if that only happens to me, anyway.
I’m using collision with limit of 3 events. When I add my first event everything works perfectly; however, when I add a second event, with the same time as the first one, the first one seems to be removed from the view and the same happens when I add the third one. But when I reload the page all events are there as it has to be. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

I attached a picture that i hope helps understand my problem

Please check the browser console - probably there is an error message.
Right now it’s hard to tell what goes wrong, the error message and stack trace might give a clue. If it not helps - please provide a demo

Hi Aliaksandr,

thanks for your reply.

But now I’m a little confused about another thing. As I’m using the scheduler for ASP.Net MVC and I’ve downloaded it via NutGet, I thought it was free to use. However, now I’m getting an error that says ‘evaluation period has expired’. So my question is. Do I still have to buy a license in order to use it? I know it seems a dump question, but I was really hoping I could use this scheduler, I simply love it.

Thanks in advance

dhtmlxScheduler.NET if free only for a trial period, after that you have to obtain commercial or enterprise license in order to continue using it