Adding Tasks Inline

Hi there,

I’ve been looking for a Gantt component to use in my application.
I have basically only three requirements that the component needs to offer in order to be the one I need.

The first one is related to MS Project files. I need the component to let me import and export to a MS Project file. I found this article here that shows that this is possible … ntt-chart/

The second one is related to custom columns. I found some posts in this forum asking about the same thing, and it seems like it is possible to do.

Now, the third one is my biggest concern. I have already set up the basic of Gantt DHTMLX in my project. I would like to know if it is possible to let a user add new tasks inline, just like it works in MS Project. I have looked at some examples that are avaiable in the website, but none of them show if that is possible.
I am not sure if I was clear about the “inline thing”. What I mean is, the user would click in a button “add new task”, this button would add a new line below the last one in the component, and then instead of opening a modal to insert data the user would insert data in the line, pressing TAB to switch cells.
Would that be possible?

Arthur Medeiros.


  1. Yes, it’s possible. This article also can be useful for you … oject.html

  2. I think it’s possible. If you clarify the question, where and in which way you want to customize columns, I can suggest you the best way of implementation.

  3. Do you mean inline editing in the Grid after adding new event? Something like that (not for new events, just click on existing event in the grid area)? If so - unfortunately currently we haven’t such functionality. And I can’t specify exact date when it be implemented.

Hi Polina,

2 - Let’s say in my application I let the user insert an information called “why” for a task. Its purpose would be to explain the need of that new task. Would it be possible to show this column “why” in the component? Also edit the information it brings.

3 - What this snippet is doing is exactly what I was looking for. Instead of opening a modal, when clicking in the “plus” button, a new task appears to be edited inline, without a modal. Is there any documentation for this feature?
You said currently you don’t have such funcionality, but you were not talking about that snippet, were you? I’m a little confused :unamused:

Thank you so much for your help!


Seems you should add new column in the grid, like “staff” in the example code: … onfig.html
To edit the value, add also select control to the Lightbox

I sent you this sample to make sure that you meant similar functionality.
We have no any documentation for this feature and it wasn’t developed by DHTMLX team.
This solution was provided by one developer in this topic. But the code needs improvement to be added to DHTMLX Gantt.

Hey Polina,

Ok… You said there is no exact date when it will be implemented, but at least we know it will be, right?

Yes, it will be implemented sooner or later… But if it is critical for you and you are looking forward ‘inline editing’ in near future, unfortunately I can’t promise you anything.