Adding Values to new Events

Hi i got an MVC application.
My events datatable got more data than default from scheduler.
In DataAction i send to scheduler a List of EventsModel that got all those fields.
In Lightbox i’ve added some controls so user can fill all info.
But there’s a field that is a value that should be added like a hiddenField.
How could i do it?

in EventModel there’s a property that is “idasociado”.
When user creates a new event, in lightbox he can set all values (includes custom values) but idasociado must be filled from hidden value in view.
How can i add this value?
I have tried :

//after created/edited scheduler.attachEvent("onEventSave", function (id, data, is_new_event) { data.idasociado = "@IdProfesor"; return true; });

But when i try to get data from idasociado in controller, i got an error that says that idasociado isn’t exists:

int idasociado = Int32.Parse(actionValues["idasociado"]);

it’s been an error of mine.
Problem was that js script was incluided before scheduler’s Render statement
Just changing js script after scheduler’s Render statement it works