Additional columns


I would like to have additional columns configured through columns, which I want to use for additional business logic and don’t want them to be shown in the grid.
Is there a way to have them available as part of the task properties, but not shown on the grid?
Note: I am using the free version.

Thanks in Advance for any inputs.

yes, the tasks can have any number of custom properties. If you won’t use them in grid - they still will be available on the client

Hi Aliaksandr,

We would like to know how can we mark a particular column to be not shown in the grid while configuring the columns. Is there any setting for this.

Many Thanks

I’m not sure I understand.
If you not going to display a certain column - you can simply not specify it in columns config, this won’t affect the properties that the tasks objects can contain.
If you want to show columns conditionally - you can use “hide” property of column config … ingcolumns