Additional parameters


I’m doing my paging,sorting,filtering server side. Is it possible to attach to every request some additional custom parameters ?

Yes, it possible. Please check this article … ional_data

Yes,that is when I want them to store between requests.

But what I need is sent them to the server. Attach them to the querystring (url).

If you are using dataProcessor to set request to the server side, userdata values are sent to the server with the other data of changed row.

I’m not using dataProcessor.

Is there any event where I can access the grid build query right before its gets send to the server ?

I think onXLS will be right one. But how can i access query ?

If you are using dyn. loading - there is a onDynXLS event which can be used to intercept default loading calls, and replace them with custom ones

As for filtering and sorting - if you are using custom code - you have full control other data sending. IF you are using connectors - you can use onBeforeFilter and onBeforeSort events and change mygrid.xmlFileUrl - the url with all params, which will be loaded for next data loading