addMarkedTiemSpan onCellDblClick new events

the onCellDblClick is not triggered on cells with addMarkedtimeSpan

Double click on empty cell we see the new event rendered

Double click on cell with marked timespan the new event is not rendered

Any advice please?

Thank You

I’ve opened this example … units.html
pasted following code in browser consolescheduler.attachEvent("onCellDblClick", function(){ console.log(1); });
The handler seemed triggering as expected on empty cells and on marked timespans. It only was not triggered on the yellow section at the bottom of the timeline, which was created as a blocking timespan, this is also expected

If in your case it works differently - please provide a complete example and specify the version of the scheduler you use

I tried that debugging method as well and the event is not triggered on the marked time span.

We are using 3.1 and I expect this to be a bug maybe in the dhtmlxscheduler_limit.js ?

Unfortunatley we cannot use the latest version as it brakes other things and we are hoping to track down where the bug is and only fix necesarry files;

As for code example, this is as simple as:

days: [4,5],
zones: “fullday”,
css: “markGreen”,
sections: { timeline_week: [31, 32, 33] }

Thank You

If you have a support subscription - please open a ticket at the