addMarkedTimespan disappear


I am using addMarkedTimespan to block 3 different elements (data from 3 different tables):


var options = {
    start_date: date_start,
    end_date: date_end,
    type: "dhx_time_block",
    css: "holidays",
    html: "holidays",
   sections: {timeline: <?php echo $row['id_employee']; ?>}
  1. Intervals out of contract
    start_date: date_start.setDate(date_start.getDate()+1),
    end_date: date_end,
    css:   "small_lines_section",
    type:  "dhx_time_block"
    html: "out of contract",
    sections: {timeline: <?php echo $row['id_employee'] ?>}
  1. None working days
    days:  <?php echo $day_off_arr; ?>,
    zones: "fullday",
    css:   "small_lines_section",
    type:  "dhx_time_block",
    html: "none working",
    sections: {timeline: <?php echo $row['id_employee']; ?>}

When the page is loading everything is ok. But after scrolling day by day, when I do the invert scroll none working days have disappeared…

I was thinking may be it’s because there is no date in the last code…

What do you think ? Is it a bug ? Due to my code ?

Thanks very much

I have modified the appearance of the timeline view so it shows 7 days.
It seems that the none working days are ok only on the view loaded. If I press prev or next button some working days are missing and when I come back on the first view (the actual week) with the button, the working days have disappeared…

Please, can someone help me with this ?

any suggestion would be really appreciate, I am stuck with that since 3 days and don’t know what to do…

please provide static html page that demonstrates the problem. I’ve tested the issue on timeline from your samples, but so far I couldn’t reproduce it

Thank you Aliaksandr.
I’ve just sent you a private message. Hope this will help.

Hi, thanks for the demo.
I’ve reproduced the problem locally, i’ll post the fix here as soon as it will be ready

Awesome ! Thank you very much

Hi Aliaksandr,

do you have some news about the fix ?

berst regards