addMarkedTimespan() for section


I’m in a situation where I can’t see the woods for all the trees and can only hope that someone with more experience will be able to help me.

I’m currently evaluating the current version and trying to visualize something akin to an event calendar. Here we have events that are held at different venues and those venues are only available during certain times (e.g., some venues are only available in the morning, others only during the afternoon or within a certain date range).

To visualize this, I want to use the addMarkedTimespan() to add styled sections to those stretches of time where the background color will suggest this.

The data for the events and locations is generated server-side and then passed to the scheduler’s parser via an array of objects.

A typical location object will look like

{ key:"pl_1", label:"Project Location 1" }
and a typical event will look like

{ start_date: "2014-09-03 08:00", end_date: "2014-09-03 10:00", text:"Example Event", section_id: "pl_1", readonly : 1 }

As you can see, the key section_id will be used to match the events to the appropriate venue and that’s where my problem stems from.

Since the availability restrictions to be styled (not linked to any functionality limits, since the whole thing is read-only) are location-specific and the sections option for the addMarkedTimespan() method needs some internal IDs that aren’t available to me if I pass the data in like this and the getSection() method to get the intenal object by name (with the auto-generated numeric ID) only works for tree-style timelines (switching to tree mode caused problems in my use case and is therefore not possible), what are the hoops I have to jump through to get the necessary connection?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Don’t know what happened to the topic’s title.
Let me repeat a summed up version, since there hasn’t been any sign of life in this thread since it was posted over a week ago:

Is there any way to solve this by retrieving the internal numeric ID for a timeline section when all I have at hand is the string ID I gave it and when I’m in a bar-style timeline instead of a tree-style one (where getSection() is supposed to work, but didn’t when I tried to rewrite my test page)?