addMarkedTimespan works in Chrome but not IE, safari, iPad

Am able to run the demos (03_highlighted… and 04_highlighted… samples in 09_api) without any problem. However, when using addMarkedTimespan in my own application, it only works in Chrome and not IE, safari or on my iPad.

Might there be a specific ordering of the .js file declarations or something like that?



Is your application or our samples failing in IE, Safari, iPad?
Samples work correctly locally in those browsers.

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Your samples are working in all. My application is working in Chrome but not IE, safari or iPad.

Are there any errors in console?
Does it work in FF, Safari (computer version, not iPad).

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Hi Ilya -
I just installed ff and tried it on that as well and I get a different result.
Details -
1 - Windows (computer version):
Works on Chrome.
Doesn’t work on IE.
Problem on ff (will explain below).
2 - MAC
doesn’t work on Safari
3 - iPad
doesn’t work on Safari

On firefox it’s a little different and might help shed some light on part of the problem:
If I format the date like this - “2012,11,23 21:30”, then it works. Formating as “2012-11-23 21:30” doesn’t work. However this is only the case in ff. Chrome is happy with both. The others don’t work at all.

Finally, I removed the " " from the dates and use commas as a delimiter and it works in all browsers - a true duh moment!
So, something like new Date(“2012-11-23 9:30”), which works fine in Chrome, has to be coded as new Date(2012,11,23,9,30) and it will show up in all browsers (and yes the 11 will appear in december and not november.
So since my dates are stored in the “2012-11-23 9:30” format in my databases and they work perfectly in the scheduler with respect to everything but addMarkedTimespan, do you have any ideas for a simple fix for this?

For now, I’ll just use something like the following -
var a = time_spans[i][‘start’].split(/[\s-:]+/);
var d1 = new Date(a[0],a[1]-1,a[2],a[3],a[4]);

time_spans is read out of my database as a string in this form - “2012-11-23 9:30” and that works.
Thanks again for all your help and I apologize for all the noob questions (but you never know, it might be helping someone else out there).
Until the next one.