addSection/deleteSection not available for timeline in bar

The addSection/deleteSection methods are only available in tree mode and I am wondering why?

I fully understand how to use updateCollection and parse to load in sections and event but I have a situation where I am using realtime updates to keep users screens insync. If i use updateCollection it will redraw the screen whereas a user might be working on it.

Two questions:

  1. Is there any reason why these methods aren’t available for bar/unit mode?
  2. I have tried adding the tree extension and rendering in tree mode. I can see that it adds some extra wrapping divs and classes in the section markup/styles which I can overwrite… but is there any other impacts?

generally it’s recomended to use this methods for managing the sections of a timeline/units/selects. The will work with all views … ction.html … rlist.html

addSection/deleteSection does the similar thing, they were only added to simplify add options to hierarchical tree data