Adjust the grid column width dynamically


We would like to know is there way to dynamically adjust the width of the grid columns.
Currently the text was cut, and the full content of the column was not visible in the grid.
Is there any feature that make this possible in GPL or PRO version?


each column and a grid itself has a configs that defines the width.
If you modify them and redraw gantt using gantt.render() - all changes will be applied … sofcolumns … onfig.html

Hi Aliaksandr,

We have gone through that documentation.
But even after specifying the column widths we are not able to view the full content of the columns.
Like to know is there a way to control just the grid container styles like it’s scrollability, so that we can define bigger width to that div and scroll inside that div(horizontal) and see the full content of the columns.

Thanks in Advance.