Adjust timeline view on the fly

Is it possible to adjust the timeline view on the fly using a function?

For example:

After I have run and initiated the view, can I just do this which will redraw the timeline?

scheduler.timelineView.x_unit =	"day";
scheduler.timelineView.x_date=	"day #%d";
scheduler.timelineView.x_step=	"1";


It’s possible but not that easy.

  1. Open your codebase\ext\dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js file

Move it after


in the beginning of the file.

So you should get:

scheduler.callEvent("onOptionsLoad",[O]); scheduler["_view"]=function(){scheduler.renderMatrix.apply(O,arguments)};

  1. Now in you code you can do something like this:

var btn = document.getElementById('btn'); btn.onclick = function() { scheduler.createTimelineView({ name: "timeline", x_unit: "minute", x_date: "%H:%i", x_step: 30, x_size: 5, x_start: 16, x_length: 48, y_unit: sections, y_property: "section_id", render:"bar" }); scheduler.setCurrentView(scheduler.getState().date, scheduler.getState().mode); };
So you can not change only one option on the fly, you need to recreate timeline view. I believe it would be handy to store settings in some object, change only one (or several) properties and then recreate view using with options object.

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That seems to be good, thank you. The next question is how do I capture a double click on the x header colum (date) in timeline mode? I thought I could use the onXScaleDblClick event handler?

I need to get the date of the column that I have doubled clicked on.

Thank you for your help.

That’s correct.

scheduler.attachEvent("onXScaleDblClick", function(x, date, event_object){ // your custom code });
should do the trick.

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