Admin approval before event publishing

Hello, i am using dhtmlxScheduler with Joomla, and i want users to create events however i need them not to be published right away…

Is there a way to send the events for admin approval first ?

I am thinking of appending a “.not-approved” class to every submitted event via jquery…
and hide it
Which means noone will be able to see the event untill admin approves,

by approve i mean there will be an “approve” button which will only be visible to administor, so that he will be able to remove the “.not-approved” class or add an “approved” class to make it visible…

so where can i add those jquery codes ,

1- i need to find out where i can append “.not-approved” class before every single event wrapper.
2- i need to find out the best place in event content to put the “approve” button.

the latter could be easily done via template, but i really need help with 1 to find out in where i can add append that “.not-approved” class upon every submission

We have an updated version of plugin for the Joomla, it still not finished, but it have posibility to add custom properties for events, and color events based on those properties. So, while it has not “approving” feature, it possible to create some kind of “isApproved” property and change color-related css class to use display:none; - it sounds as a hack, but this is the only way to use plugin with such use-case.

New version will be released in nearest time, but if you want to check it now - please contact us directly at