Administration of events

could you please help with some hint how to empower admin group / super user group to administrate all other events (update, delete events created from all other users) from the front-end?

Thank you!

You may configure user groups in scheduler administration panel, “Access rights” tab. You should set checkboxes for required user groups.

yes, i did it:
view - all
Add an event - registered, admin, super user
Edit an event - registered, admin, super user
Private mode: “Private extended mode”

what i want to achive:

  1. every event author (registered, admin, super user) can add and edit own events. => works with the settings above
  2. additionally, admin& super user have to be able to edit all events (also that created from other registered or other admins).

some code change needed?

thank you!


should I add some check to edit / delete event - something like this:
if the user is the creator of event or within admin group?

what all functions to be taken into consideration of this change?

thank you very much in advance!