advanced text_filter in grid/treegrid

Hi all,

filtering with a text filter is possible - no problem.
I am looking for a solution for some advanced searching with wildchars and other usefull stuff.

Normally if you filter by “us” it will give you a full result of all data containing “us”.
Like “mouse, house, USA, use, louse” etc… the thing i want is only to have the data starting with “us”. So i want instead of the top filter result only “USA, use”. Its like “us*” and not as normally “us”.

Is that possible? If yes, how? The Documentation and searching in forum didn’t really help me.


You can use something like next

grid.attachEvent("onFilterStart", function(indexes, values){ if (values[0] != ""){ mask = new RegExp("^"+values[0],"gi"); values[0]=function(check){ return mask.test(check); } } return true; })

Above code will intercept filtering attempt and will replace static column value with custom filtering logic.


this is working but i have problem.
I have 3 record in the grid.

When I type the first letter “I” it is showing only 2 records. it is not showing all 3 records

can you tell me what is the problem and please help me solve

Thank you,

Please, try to use the #text_filter_inc in your header.