After clearAll dhtmlXToolbar'objPull is not cleared

After call clearAll() of adhtmlXToolbar, the dhtmlXToolbar’objPull doesn’t change, because _removeItem has problem in file dhtmlxtoolbar.js:

dhtmlxtoolbar.js, line 528:
dhtmlXToolbarObject.prototype._removeItem = function(itemId) {

var t = this.getType(itemId);

itemId = this.idPrefix+itemId; //itemId  has added idPrefix here
var p = this.objPull[itemId];

     this.objPull[this.idPrefix+itemId] = null; //this.idPrefix+itemId has two idPrefixs
delete this.objPull[this.idPrefix+itemId]; //this.idPrefix+itemId has two idPrefixs, so delete a not exits item



Thanks for pointing the issue.
We will include a fix in the next build.
If you have a support subscription and need the fixed build ASAP, please open a ticket at