After collapsing a cell, other cell doesn't fill the whole p

I have a DHTMLXLayout Object utilizing the 2E layout (See below code). It is a full-screen layout (100% width, and 100% height).
I’ve created a button which collapses the “b” cell when a user clicks on the button (utilizes: dhxLayout.cells(“b”).collapse(); ).
My problem is, whenever cell “b” is collapsed, I still see some space at the bottom of cell “a” (but it isn’t part of cell “a”). About 30px or so.

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.getElementById("page"), "2E"); dhxLayout.cells("a").hideHeader(); dhxLayout.cells("b").hideHeader();

I’ve tried calling the “setHeight” function for cell “a” to compensate for it, but nothing happens.
Any suggestions on how to get rid of this extra blank space?



layout doesn’t support collapsing cell if the header is hidden. You may use views: … yout_views

There can be 2 views: 1C layout and 2E layout.

Thanks for the suggestion. But I figured out a way to clear that extra space.

For other that may also want to do this, this is what I did:

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.getElementById("page"), "2E"); dhxLayout.skinParams[]["cpanel_height"] = 20; // Set the header height for a cell dhxLayout.skinParams[]["cpanel_collapsed_width"] = 0; // Set the collapsed header width for a cell dhxLayout.skinParams[]["cpanel_collapsed_height"] = 0; // Set the collapsed header height for a cell dhxLayout._collapsedW = 0; dhxLayout._collapsedH = 0;