afterKeyDown not working correctly after v7.0.3

I use afterKeyDown to detect a ‘tab’ and jump over a column in a Grid. This snippet worked correctly in 7.0.3 but after that version it stops working and now jumps over the adjacent column. Did the afterKeyDown method change? To test in the snippet use version 7.0.3 and it will work (jump over the “paid” column). But any version after that it fails.

Hello Neil.

My apologies for the delay with the reply.
You are getting the selection state before the actual selection has changed. Please, try to use the awaitRedraw() helper in this case:

Like:"afterKeyDown", function (e) {
    dhx.awaitRedraw().then(() => {
        var selectedCell = grid.selection.getCell()
        if (e.key == "Tab" && == "paid") {
            grid.selection.setCell(, "owner")

updated snippet