Again a little Problem with Ajax results

[code] dhtmlxEvent (document.getElementById(‘insertNewChild’), “click”, function(ev){
var auto_increment = dhtmlxAjax.postSync(“process.php”, ‘action=auto_increment&table=mytree’);

    tree.insertNewChild(tree.getSelectedItemId(),auto_increment.valueOf(),"A NEW CHILDS NAME",0,0,0,0,"CHILD,SELECTED");


This Event listener dosn’t work. Why?
If I replace auto_increment.valueOf() with the int Number ‘90’ it also stops.

What I want to do is just to use the AJAX result as the id of the new nodes and the increment the value of auto_increment to auto_increment+1.

It is the most important issue that I have to resolve. :question:

Is there any debug mode in DHTMLX?

Oh sorry :confused:
The bug was myself in person :wink:
I always forgot to select a node.
It works also well… The code above seems to be okay