Again.. dhtmlxgrid xml save

So, I’ve asked this before but no straight answer yet.

I use grid but i need something more from it.

Once I open an .xml file into the dhtmxGrid i can modify the grid but not the actual xml on the server.

What’s the purpuse of modifing something that on the next page refresh will be erased.

I NEED to be able to save my xmls. How can i do that? I am aware that it’s done with client-side scripting but do you have an example or something i could work with?

I don’t want to modify the structure of the .xml, just cell content.

Thank you, and please give me a more precise answer if you can.

You can sace cell’s value to the server side using serialization, intergration with a form or dhtmlxDataProcessor. Serialization and form integration are availible in PRO version only. dhtmlxDataProcessor is included at the Standart suit … _grid.html