Agenda day view

Is it possible to limit agenda view just for 1 day and still take advantage of next day/prev day buttons? I did limit time range by scheduler.config.agenda_start/scheduler.config.agenda_end but I have no idea how to force day buttons to work.

yes it’s possible. By default the Agenda shows a period of one year, default date is current date. You can set up it in this way:

}; = function(date){
return, 1, “day”);

scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeViewChange”, function(old_mode,old_date,mode,date){
scheduler.config.agenda_start = new Date(date);
scheduler.config.agenda_end =, 1, “day”);
return true;

It works but only when I’m adding date (next day), when I click on prev. day it still adds one day. Also agenda view makes current day preview (".dhx_cal_date") disappear and I want it.

Sorry: = function(date, inc, mode){ return, inc, "day"); };

To set up the date in the header of the view pls use this template: … plate.html