Agenda sample not working

I was trying to make the agenda view work with the scheduler, but events did not load. (They load correctly elsewhere.) So I went to check the sample that came with the package - it does not work either.

Here is the url for the sample: … _view.html

There are no js errors. Other tabs: day, week, month are displaying events. What do you suppose is the problem? Do you have a url for that particular sample on your server?



Agenda view is used to display future events. We will update the sample in the upcoming version.
The problem here is that events for 2010 year is loaded but the current date is 2011 year. So all that events are simply filtered (not displayed).
Please note though that you can set up start and end dates to display (so it could be, say, 3 months in the past and 1 year in the future).

Kind regards,

Ah! Very nice. Thank you.

I’ve done so much with the scheduler - more than I could have dreamed of! Thank you again. :slight_smile: