agenda view bug ?

Hello. I put down the following appointment. 29.05.2010 - 05.05.2010. Which time I gives makes no difference. However, in the agenda View becomes to me only 29.05.2010 - 04.05.2010. In the month view it becomes right. Is this a bug? I use the Joomla Plugin. I find the software really very good. Finally, a small easy and smart calendar.

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Bug was confirmed. ( incorrect template for multi-day events in the agenda view )

Fix will be added as part of next version.

If you need the fix ASAP, locate dhtmlxscheduler.js inside component’s folder and replace it with …

ok. many thanks


Unfortunately, the file does not repair the mistake. They can test it.
Site -Belegung-

Yearview 05th June,
Agendaview 04th June.

Try to replace one more file - dhtmlxscheduler_agenda_view.js with the attached one (1.16 KB)

Ok. Many Thanks.