Agenda View optimized for mobile devices


the Agenda View is optimal for mobile devices, but currently it is not optimized in the view.
The first column with the date takes too much space so there is too little information visible in the second column with the text.

Optimized for mobile devices, the view should go in this direction:

The biggest problem for a possible fit is the fixed line height and the missing line break. I’ve already tried a lot in CSS but I can’t increase the line height.

Is there a solution?


Yes, set the style below to increase row height.

.dhx_agenda_area div[role=row], .dhx_grid_area div[role=row], .dhx_map_area div[role=row] {
  		height: 55px;
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Hello Polina,

thanks again for your feedback and your time. That helped me a lot.

Unfortunately I can not break the two columns each and therefore I’ve currently implemented only one column for the mobile view.
I can live with that but if there is also a solution for a correct break within the columns, I would still be interested (“Every answer leads to more questions” ;-)) …


Currently there is no ready solution to make the appearance of Agenda view like on your screenshot. Only by changing CSS.