Agenda View

I’ve just switched default view to “Agenda” and although I’ve got about 18 events input, only 4 show up in Agenda view whereas they all display under any other view. What am I missing?

Agenda view shows only events from current date , so events in past will not be shown.
In case of WP and Joomla plugin - there is a limitation , which limits agenda to one month ( will be moved to optional feature in the next update )

Thank you Stanislav.
Scheduler is a great product and I’m absolutely amazed by the customer support you provide. Outstanding. Since Event Scheduler is a free WP plugin, Is there anyway I can I donate to the project or give a testimonial or something?

Thank you for your willing to contribute. We do not have a donation page, but you may buy a license for dhtmlxScheduler, or just tell your friends about our product :slight_smile: the link to dhtmlxScheduler page would also be great, but it’s up to you :slight_smile: