agendagrid.cells(rowId,3).getValue() return the label and no

the list in the combo is the following :





if i select 10:10 the alert(agendagrid.cells(rowId,3).getValue() ) returns 1 , for 20:20 it returns 2 and so on. How do i get the actual value , not the label. I mean for when i select 10:10 i need it to return 10:10 (not 1). Thank u

If you mean “co” or “coro” column type , there are two methods to access data

    grid.cells(i,j).getValue(); // get value associated with currently selected option
    grid.cells(i,j).getText(); // get text lable associated with currently selected option … rt_comprob

If you fill data from XML - please be sure that data in XML must be a cell values, not cell labels