Aggregate Column groups

Hello everyone,

i’m currently evaluating the dhtmlxGrid for a customer. I already found out that one can group columns, but is it possible to use aggregate functions to those groups? If so, could you provide a short code snippet or something?

Best regards,
Loris Bachert

PLeas,e refer to the following tutorial: … uiltinmath

This tutorial is about grouping rows and using aggregation functions on these groups. My intention is to use aggregation function on grouped columns.

I apologize.
Unfortunately there is no such aggregation functions for the columns.

No problem. Thank you for the information. Do you have it on the roadmap or are you not planing to implement this feature?

Unfortunately we’re not planning to add such feature in the dhtmlxGrid.

Okay, i will have to implement a custom workaround then. Thanks for your advices anyway :slight_smile: