Ajax call syncronous

Documentation about this environme nt is not very clear.

For a getSync call in 5.1 version, i’ve to use:


or instead

window.dhx4.ajax.getSync ?

Please, try to use:


Could you share a link with the mistake in the docs, so we can fix it.
Thank you.

These are the links:


Just another question please.

In my code i have something like this:

modal box (yes or no)
layout.progress on
modal box “OK”

In the ajax call I call e php-script with a heavy query on a db. The problem is that when i click on the yes button of modal box i would expect the box closes showing layout progress.on.
Instead the screen seems to be freezed on the modal box with buttons yes /no and remains in this state until the ending of query, wihout showing the layout.progress and showing the second modal box at end.

What can i force the closing of first modal box and shoq the progress.on during the ajax call.

Many thanks

Thank you for your links, we’ll try to update the docs as soon as possible.

What about your “progress on” you need to use the async request.