Ajax calls not working in 4.1.2

I’m using .NET mvc 3

In 4.0.3 and all the way since 2.0 I called ajax like this

dhtmlxAjax.get(sURL, function (oXML) {
   if (CheckForXMLError(oXML))

where sURL looks something like this


Now in 4.1.2 the controller is never called and all I get back is the default login page when path or authentication is wrong.

I’m able to do a load function on the grid after I specify “xml” type, and I am using the same kind of URL path. Why does it work there but not on the new ajax api?

Looks like it may have something to do with the browser.

If I use chrome it works, however all ajax calls are broken on at least ie11 and ie8 (have not tried others)

Please try to include the attached js file on the page after dhtmlx.js
It will patch ajax methods
dhtmlxcommon_ajax.zip (1.81 KB)

We have professional lisence… will there be a new release of 4.1.3???
or should we add this after dhtmlx.js

Stanislav I am still having issues with the selectNodes() method (line37) in provided ajax common.

I receive an error that states:
Object doesn’t support propert or method ‘selectNodes’

I am using IE11.0.9 with dhtmlx suite 4.1.2 and new dhtmlxcommon_ajax.js

if (dhx4.isIE)
return docObj.selectNodes(xpathExp) || [] // this fails.

please advise.

thank you