Ajax Editor Content


Using the editor component, what is the most appropriate way to load and save content from ajax ?

Is it .setContentHTML for the read but what about the write ? Unlike other components, there are no examples of using the dataAdapter with it…

Did see an example using dhtmlxAjax.getSync - is that the preferred method ? Couldn’t find a POST example though…

Thanks in advance,



// on client side

dhx4.ajax.post("server.php", "content="+encodeURIComponent(editor.getContent()), function(r){ var t = dhx4.s2j(r); if (t != null && t.status == "good") { console.log("success!") } else { ... });

// demo for server.php

<?php // some extra security checks here... $content = @$_REQUEST['content']; if (you mayneed to escape value) $content = mysql_real_escape_string($content); mysql_query("INSERT INTO .... VALUES (..., '".$content."')"); if (everything is ok) { print_r("{status:'good'}"); } else { .... ?>

more ajax examples: