Ajax - How to call a specific php function

Dear Team,

i am currently looking at your ajax module. I found it really interesting. However i am having some question regarding how to use it. I looked at the docs and examples but did not get all the answers. I have been using an ajax framework called XAJAX (php) coupled with your JS components. It works fine an allows we to call php functions from any JS file by simply calling xajax_myPhpFunctionName(params…). Moreover i can execute javascript code from the php function because it has an ajax object (xajaxResponse) with a handler called addScript . Below is an example of the js code followed by the php code:

-------------------- JSCRIPT - CLIENT --------------

[code]function searchBook(crit,val)


----------------- PHP - SERVER ----------------------

[code]function searchBook($crit, $val)
$x = new xajaxResponse();

$trigger = " grdBooks = new dhtmlXGridFromTable(‘grdBooks’); ";


return $x;

My question is how can i do almost the same with your ajax module? Sorry for the long question. Its just that I find your components brillant and i want to use them in collaboration with your ajax framework as a whole. I am seriously thinking of dropping the XAJAX one and making full use of your ajax one.

Could you please guide me here?
Thanking you in advance

Unfortunately, ajax layer which is used in dhtmlx component is purposed for data transport only. It is quite simple, and will require a lot more coding than above solution with xajax.

On good side - there is no any conflicts between xajax and dhtmlx component, so both can be used on the same page without any problems.