Ajax Loading Screen


I am trying to process a pretty lengthy ajax function and would like to know if its possible to create/show a loading screen while the ajax(sync) is being run.


Not possible for sync operations.
During sync call all process in browser is paused ( native behavior )
In same time, it is possible to organize the loading screen in case of async ajax call.

Thanks for the prompt reply, in the case of async calls, how would I organize a loading screen? Thanks again!

Anybody has a solution for this? Thanks in advance!


we plan to add this feature into the 1.0 version.

Currently you you need to use own solution. It could be a div container that will show before loading and hide after that or modal window with “loading” message.

In case of async loading, you’ll need to set a function that is called after loading in the 3rd parameter of send method (send(url,params,call)) to hide the container or the modal window.