ALERT: Error type: LoadXML - link clicked during XML loading

Full alert is:

Error type: LoadXML

Description: Incorrect XML

This alert is show always when page link is clicked during XML loading, I spouse that this mean xml loading has been cancelled (whole page changed).

In my opinion this alert should not pop-up when XML loading is cancelled by link click (page change).

You can hide error message by adding

dhtmlxError.catchError(“LoadXML”,function(){ return true; })

Thanks, I will use that code.

I think you should hide this error by default, and let the user decide if he like to enable it in code.
But, of course, its only my suggestion (maybe some voting on this subject?)

It may be useful to see such kind of errors during development, while they need to be disabled or processed in custom way in production environment - its hard to select the best default approach.