All Day Event > Event > Edit > Save = Add's One Extra Day

When we open an existing ALL DAY event and Save it (with or without making any changes, it add an extra day to the event. Why?

Example: Create event for all day on 10th. Open the event. Now it shows the Start as 10th and Ending as 11th. When you save it, it saves as a two-day event.

How do we prevent this?

We used a licensed Enterprise version.

Hi @Osensnolf

Seems you mean full_day setting.

I tried to reproduce it in the sample:
When I click on “Full day” for the newly created event in the lightbox - the end_date = 00:00 of the next day. It means that event doesn’t occur on this “next day”. I.e. full day is time from 00:00 of the current cell date until 00:00 of the next day (the event occurs 0 minutes during the next date).

Hello. You can open the details of the Full Day event and see the issue. Look at every other calendar that exists. If a full day event is set, it should start at 12:00AM and end at 11:59PM. Not 12AM the next day. That is causing it to show as starting today (15th) and ending tomorrow (16th). That is not how Outlook, Google, or any other calendar functions.