All Day Event - View More

I’m trying to update how all day events work in the Day and Week views. If there are 5 or more events in a single day then I want to show “X more” in place of the 5th event. Then when the user clicks the “X more” button it will display a dialog where they could scroll through all of the all day events. What is the best place to start to get this done?


By default the ‘View more’ link can be added only to the Month view.
There is the max_month_events configuration to set the maximum number of events in a cell.

In case, when you have too many multi-day events that render on the top in Day and Week views, you can use multi_day_height_limit config as an alternative way to set the height of this area with these events.

Please check the demo that demonstrates how it works:

I was trying to use multi_day_height_limit but since the position is set to “fixed” the multi day icon and border move when the browser window is scrolled.

I don’t fully understand what you mean. The position of the container with multi-day events .dhx_multi_day is absolute

Does the issue occur in the snippet link from my previous message? Please attach video and show steps that I should follow to reproduce it.

If you look in your screeenshot the “dhx_multi_day_icon” div has a position of “fixed”. This is fine when the calendar is full screened. However, if you have a scroll bar on your browser, the icon div is scrolled with the browser and moves out of place from the rest of the scheduler.

As a workaround, you can apply the css rule

.dhx_multi_day_icon{ position:relative!important }

But in this case, the icon will be scrolled together with multi-day tasks. Unfortunately currently I can’t provide with another solution of the issue.

I did come across a solution but it required overriding some source code. I basically had to put the icon div in a seperate div and wrap the data and icon div with another parent div. Similar to this structure:
<div class="dhx_multi_day_icon"/>
<div class="dhx_multi_day"/>

This allowed me to apply some css rules to the divs so that the icon div is always visible and the multi day div could still scroll.

Thank you for sharing the solution. Hope it will be fixed soon.