All events disappear

I installed Scheduler on a Joomla 1.5.20 website.
Then I installed Scheduler on a fresh Joomla 2.5.6 installation.

Both times Scheduler works at first, but then as one configures and plays around, after a while all events in the front end disappear (but they are in the Events Administration in the backend).

Private Mode is set to “Off” (was never changed). And when I change Private Mode settings and then return to “Off”, the calendar is still blank.

Even when I log in to the front end, I still have blank calendar.

Could you provide link to your scheduler?
Also try to open directly in browser the follow link:
fon’t forget to replace yoursite in provided link with your site name.
It should output list of events in xml format. Does it include any events?

The test website is:

All the events show up in the Event Administration in the back end.
Also all events show up in the link you provided with the resulting XML format.

Today, I experimented by adding two events. Those two show and display.
However the first seven events still do not show and display. So I am trying to figure out how to restore display.

All test events are on Sept 5th, 6th and 9th.

The goal for scheduler is to schedule 18+ rooms in church for 5 different “organizations”. Scheduler will not meet our needs if we lose events in the front end, no one will know when a room is scheduled for use.

If you provide a private email contact, I can give you log-in to the Joomla backend.

(Also, is there a setting in the DHX forum to send an email message when a reply is entered to a posting?)

Forgot to mention…

At the same time the Events disappeared, the mini calendar navigator stopped functioning as well.

You can move through the mini-calendar, but clicking on the date will not move the scheduler to that date.

Just checked the MySQL database being accessed by Joomla 2.5.6 for Scheduler.

Two “tables” in the database do not return an “OK”.

They are…

They also can not be repaired.

please, try to execute the follow query to database:

UPDATE {prefix}events_rec SET rec_type='' WHERE rec_type='null' or rec_type is null;

{prefix} is a prefix of your database.

Any changes?

Not too familiar with phpMyAdmin, but I did submit the following query for the database:

UPDATE rms_events_rec SET rec_type=’’ WHERE rec_type=‘null’ or rec_type is null;

(where “rms_” is the prefix for the table “events_rec”)

The behaviour in the front end did not change. The first set of events in the Events Administration did not display. The mini calendar navigator did not move the scheduler to the appropriate date.

Then I browsed the rms_events_rec table.

I noticed that rec_type was still set at “null” for event_id 5, while all the other records had rec_type set at " ". So I edited event_id 5 and changed rec_type to " ". Then all the events (event_id 2,4,5,6,7 plus the events entered after those had disappeared - event_id 8,9,10) displayed in the front end again!!! Wow!

Also the mini calendar navigator worked again.

Seems like everything functioning again.

I will have to write down all the steps taken to restore the functionality of scheduler. Hopefully, a future bug fix will prevent stray “null” values from remaining in the events_rec table.