All rgb colors are not supported in the dhtmlxColorPicker


I am inputting the color 211d1e into the RGB input box and immediately it changes the inputted color to 201c1d.

Any clues on how to solve this?

Regards Jonas


the issue is confirmed. We’ll send you the fix when it’s ready.

I did some bug fixes to version 2.1

 RGB -> HSL -> RGB conversion is not lossless, the fix is to only do RGB -> HSL conversion if the RGB values are selected and HSL -> RGB conversion in the opposite.
   I did a fix to _calculateColor and redraw function to specify what type of conversion is wanted. This now works as expected

I also found a bug in the clickCancel prototype where the global variable t is passed in instead being set to “var t=z.getSelectedColor();” as it is in clickOk. This generated an error in dhtmlxcommon.js on the following line:

return this[name].apply(this, arg0);

If you want me to submit patch I’d be happy to