All_timed and last_hour

With dhtmlxscheduler if I set scheduler.config.all_timed = true the events expand throughout the day until the time set by scheduler.config.last_hour (6pm)
Can I make their display end at 4pm, without affecting the ones not affected by all_timed?

I currently use this css rule to manually limit the length of the event, but as a workaround it’s not very functional
.al-tm .dhx_body {
max-height: 500px;

Hello @rollopack ,

As I understand, you want to limit display of the all_timed events on 4pm, am I right?

There is no any built-in solution to do that, as it’s quite not obvious idea, to limit displaying of the event on some specific hour.
Looks like your current workaround(to manually set height for the all_timed events) is the best approach.

Best regards,