all_timed with units view

Is it possible to show all_timed events (multi days) in the units view?
I’ve added the all_timed.js and set multi_day to false, but then I can’t see anymore the event. Should that work or is it not supported in units view?

If not, we’ll have to make a workaround in the backend (splitting it there and sending more events to the calender) but if we do that we have the problem, that the scheduler doesn’t recognize them as a group. Is there an “optional” event-group id ore something?
I’m asking this not only because I need it here, we also want to group other events together to solve another requirement (one event with subtasks over multiple units).

please check the snippet
the extension seems to work correctly.
Note that you need to enable both ‘multi_day’ and ‘all_timed’ configs … onfig.html … onfig.html

Thanks, that works. have not used both settings together.