Allow to Freeze column in the grid

I am fairly new to grid implementation. I have to implement the functionality where I have given a context menu implemented on the grid for the user and I want to provide an option to “Freeze column”. The desired functionality is to show the same column as frozen where the click for context menu was made. I tried the splitAt function but it didn’t work. I read documentation I found that the splitAt function works before the grid is initialized. Having said this, now I am struggling with two question and will appreciate any help:

Q1. Is there no way that freezing of column can be achieved on the initialized grid? Is it mandatory to load the grid again?

Q2. I tried using the splitAt function, but I get a JS error saying the “Object doesn’t support this method or property”. I already have the related JS declared on the jsp ie. dhtmlxgrid_splt.js

Please suggest what can be possible solutions?

  1. Yes, this is mandatory. After applying of the split mode to the grid, it is not possible to recreate the grid structure (reload the grid with a different structure). Such grid can be only destructed.
  2. Such issue may occur only if dhtmlxgrid_splt.js is not attached. Note, splitAt() functionality is available in PRO version only.