Allow user to create holidays?

Can I allow a user to create his own holidays so that I don’t need to input for the user every time? Is it possible?

can you clarify what is the holidays in the context of your application, and how do you input them so we could figure how to allow the same to the user?

Currently, the scheduler allows holidays which need to be pre-hardcoded in the system. It cause many problems to me as I need to provide input myself. This job I will assign to another specified user to key in the holidays for the scheduler so that I don’t need to worry about holidays data. If we can allow user to select the date and set the specified date or a specified date range by themselves, then it would be better.

there are quite a lot of ways how you can resolve it, it really depends on how the holidays works in your application.

If you using start_date/end_date marked timespans for holidays, you can store them in the database. The table will be a lot alike the table you use for storing events (id, start_date, end_date, probably html content as text). So you can create a page with another scheduler which will be write data in that table.
And for the primary calendar, you’ll load the records from that table and add them to the calendar as blocked times:scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({ start_date: holiday.start_date, end_date:holiday.end_date, type:"dhx_time_block", html: holiday.text });

i.g. you can two pages - ‘holiday scheduler’ and ‘appointment scheduler’ - one of them will work with the holidays table, and another one with an ‘events’ table and also load the data from ‘holidays’ as a marked timaspans.

However this is only one of the possible approaches, i don’t know what would be suitable for your application

Ok, I will try it out.