Allowing users access to Edit the spreadsheet

Hey Guys,

Love the plugin, but I have one problem.

I need to allow other users to be able to edit the spreadsheet (they are all friends). I am using the ‘Members’ plugin which allows me to be able to create new user roles and set permissions, I can add new permissions like edit_pages etc.

Can I include a permission to allow them to edit the spreadsheet, something like admin_spreadsheet?

Also it would be brilliant if the COUNTIF function was available!



Never mind, I have found a fix.

For anyone else who needs this open ‘spreadsheet_data.php’ which can be found in the plugin folder, then find:

$available_to = Array( 'administrator' => true, 'editor' => true );

And add another user like:

$available_to = Array( 'administrator' => true, 'newuser' => true, 'editor' => true );

you right about access rights, it’s the best way.
Unfortunately we don’t support function COUNTIF for now. It may be introduced in future.