Alpha Five / Alpha Anywhere integration

Hi There,

I am well impressed by these components especially the timeline scheduler which I’d love to be able to use dynamically.
However I don’t use php which I see is your serverside technology of choice. I’m using Alpha Five or Alpha Anywhere as it is now called It uses a5w as the file extension to their dynamic pages. I’ve set up your static demo script in an a5w page and it all looks good. I can write an xbasic script (this is the alpha five scripting language) to dynamically load the data from an MSSQL Server database. I now need to be able to insert, update and delete the scheduled items dynamically. Can you give me a bit of guidance in possibly modifying the connector file to work with Alpha Five. If I can get this working I’ll post a demo example on the AlphaFive forum and I’m sure it will generate a great deal of interest in this component and the others that you feature here.
Your licensing model is certainly more generous than the Web2Cal component that is currently on offer with AlphaFive.
Thank you in advance to anyone who gives a bit of time to this,


The general idea is the same

Each time when something changed on the client side, scheduler will call the server side script, and will send all parameters to it. Server side script must do the data saving and respond with status xml

There is no need to make changes in the client side code , as it was initially server side agnostic, and must work with any http backend. … gprinciple