ALT-tags within scheduler templates

Hello again,

i am wondering about adding alt-tags to images i used in event_text, for example to show cut texts (overflow:hidden) in full length…

My example is

scheduler.templates.event_text=function(start,end,event){ if (scheduler._mode == "day") { return "<nobr><font style='font-size: 10pt; line-height: 10px;'><img src='codebase/imgs/icon.png' class='little_icon' alt='HERE-SHOULD-BE-THE-ALT-TAG'><b>"+event.text+"</b> } }

The icon is there, but i can’t get any mouse-over alt-tag :frowning:
Perhaps i have to add a script poping up a little info panel with the text in it?
But this is javascript again and so it is getting more and more complex…

Perhaps you got an idea about this?

Best wishes,

P.S.: Any idea when the next update will be released? I mean, in near future (+ 1 month?)?


in order to show tooltip you can set title attribute:

if (scheduler._mode == “day”) {
return “HERE-SHOULD-BE-THE-ALT-TAG”+event.text+"

This is really cool!
Thank’s a lot for giving me this HTML excurse :wink:
Don’t know why i only tried the ALT-Tag…