Always show drop down arrow in DHTMLX Grid combobox

Hi, I’ve searched the forums and saw this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13818 which says to use a custom eXcel implementation. Do you have samples of custom eXcel implementations I can look at? Ideally this custom eXcel would behave similarly to the “combo” column type. I have a trial for the pro version and can submit a ticket if needed.

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Please, try to use the "combo_v"excell type instead of “combo”

Thanks for the prompt response. I’ve tested it and it does not seem to load automatically when a row is added. Also, I would like to have the full drop down displayed, currently I get what you see in the attached image. Is there anyway to do this? If I can add my own HTML into the custom cell that would also be helpful.

linking code directly for convenience


combo_v test
$(document).ready(function(){ myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject("myGridWrapper"); myGrid.setHeader("Col1,Col2"); myGrid.setColumnIds("Col1,Col2"); myGrid.setColTypes("combo_v,combo_v"); /** I manually added an image from /skins/web/imgs/dhxgrid_web/combo_select_dhx_web.gif with the name combo_v is searching for to a custom folder If I use this without this customization, I get an image not found error **/ myGrid.setSkin("dhx_web"); myGrid.imgURL = "/proj_nm/res/img/";

Here you can find a tutorial about the usage of the “combo” in the grid

I referred the link as same as following in column tag but not showing the items.

Setting “combo” Column
Combo can be set in the tag for the whole column:
<column width=“150” type=“combo” xmlcontent=“1”…>TEXT

<column width=“150” type=“combo” editable=“false” source=“data.xml” …>TEXT
<column type=“combo” source=“complete.php” auto=“true” cache=“true” sub=“true”… >

dropdown values now showing i missed the tag. but can we show the dropdown arrow always in every cells of the column?

Please, try to use the “combo_v” variant of the “combo” exCell:
<column width=“150” type=“combo_v” xmlcontent=“1”…>TEXT